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Construct and upgrade buildings to produce resources. Explore and mine caves to find treasure. Send ships to other planets to fight enemies and get more building space. Look out for tile features (volcanoes, auroras...) to boost resource production..

Conquer star systems, galaxies, and eventually entire universes, all procedurally generated, and fill them with buildings and megastructures to make as much money as possible.


- Many different types of resources: minerals, energy, science, materials, metals, even atoms and elementary particles
- Procedurally generated celestial objects (COs) with various properties: planets, gas giants, stars, galaxies, clusters, universes
- Various activities you can do to progress: mining, cave exploration (action roguelike), planet conquest battles (RPG)
- 19 infinitely upgradable buildings
- 6 megastructures whose costs and production may depend on the CO's characteristics
- Tile features: craters, auroras, volcanoes, lakes, caves
- A science tree that progressively unlocks gameplay features
- Different types of overlays/filters to help you find COs of interest
- Tools to help you navigate through the thousands of COs scattered all over the place: bookmarks, annotations, browsing history
- 2 prestige layers (universes, dimensions)
- Unlimited offline progress

List of shortcuts not shown in-game:

- Ctrl S: save game manually
- Hold Q while hovering over a planet: insta-conquer planet (of course, this will be removed later)
- Hold H/A/D/C/E (in battle): show HP/attack/defense/accuracy/evade of all ships and enemies
- -/=: zoom out/in
- Holding Alt before pressing Shift (to select buildings of the same type) only selects those under the influence of a CBD



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Hi Apple :3 

I kinda found a bug in the place where you speed up the travels of a ship.  When I wanted to use coal, (and a lot of it, probably 6 million) it would not speed it up a single second. This was travelling from a galaxy which was very close to where I was. 

Just wanted to let you know :3.

Keep up the good work!

apple I need help exporting my mod to helixteus 

I'm on Mac BTW so idk I did the pickaxe tutorial and I don't know how to get it from Godot to helix 

hey apple is the game still being worked on ??

honestly I have been playing almost everyday and I have so much fun and I even been inspired to do some modding in the game but I was wondering if the game is still getting updates or are you working on something else ??


Hello, glad you're having fun! The game will still get updates, it's just the general lack of motivation recently.

so happy to hear that, idk how to help with motivation though hope you get motivated again.   :)

also I might start a YouTube series on it btw 


another bug:
  on one of the menus(i forgot which one) zooming in too much will set zoom to 0 breaking your save and the current helixteus program


bug report:
  you can buy any unlockable mega structure as long as you have the resources(you don't have to unlock it)

  if you double click when buying a mega structure you can buy it multiple times as long as you keep double clicking

what commands can you use? I'm just curious.


Here's the list:


is the game still on ? I don't have discord so idk 

Also, the same old design flaw still exists: in extremely high DM galaxies in extremely high G universes, extremely large planets spawn (up to T's of km in diameter), and they completely blot out the screen. In addition, these galaxies have systems with only gas giants, meaning there is no way to "colonize" them or even build a shipyard to conquer the rest of the cluster.

(1 edit)

Another weird but non-critical bug: when digging all the way to the core, the resulting volcano will become 1x1 ash tile - unless the digging spot is surrounded by mineral extractors, in which case both the volcano and the surrounding ash field spawn correctly.

Crashed the game, I placed a building then deleted it quickly.. the building ghosted and then I tried deleting the ghost and then it crashed.

Weird bug in galaxy view: when enabling the color scale to look for high luminosity stars, after entering a system and returning to the galaxy view, the scale is broken. The max point (red color) is changed to a lower value so that a good part of the galaxy is red now, without any indication of something changing (i.e. I don't see the undo-custom-values arrow). Switching to a different view and back kinda fixes the problem but is annoying to do after looking at each system.

I haven't tested if the other views are affected, too. I never encountered similar bug in cluster view.

Yeah I'm aware of that too, will try to come up with a fix


quick question how do you get the small s of stone very quickly? I need it to build the giga structures to hold more power so i can then destroy a galaxy which will give me big S of stone.

I think planetkillers should give you enough stone for those.

(4 edits) (+1)

I am having a wierd bug where all the Boring machines don't mine and are stuck at a depth and don't mine any resources..
A few of the terraformed planets are stuck at depth 0. I dont know if this is a bug with 30 fps or my system. (My system: MacOS, MacBook Air (M2, 2022), 16 GB ram)

edit: switched to 60 fps, didnt fix it.. it could also be from me switching windows to chat on discord.
edit 2: ok I've fixed it, restarting the game fixes it kinda, it gives me the depth and stone i would've got except from the terraformed mining planets.

Alright, got to planetkillers... this bug is annoying but its possible to work around with good RNG (a lot of good mineral extractors, a few good dyson spheres and a broken planetkiller)

Hey i have an issue with binary and larger systems. I can't put a Dyson Sphere on the smaller stars and I think a fix to this would to place the smaller stars layer over the bigger star

Sometimes the hitbox is REALLY wierd, like the hitbox for the small star was to the right of the star and barely usable. But yeah this became an issue for me aswell.

Yeah I'm aware of these issues. I think the most simple way to address both of them is to have a separate UI for stars, so you don't have to click on the stars themselves. I'll see what I can do for the next update!

are greenhouses permanite becuase i can't delete the three i placed

No, it's a bug

Thanks for the info, also i think it would be a good idea to add a upgrade all command like using control and f to upgrade every single one of this building because it gets tedious to go to all systems and place buildings

Love this game! Is there a way to load up multiple subatomic particle farms or atom manipulators the way you can for glass/rock plants?

No, because for atom manipulators/subatomics you have many different recipes, as opposed to glass/rock plants that only have 1.

i wonder why the volcano hard to be spawn....
too op for terraforming i guess

1.Enemies killed by the flame damage of the bomb during the battle may stay on the field.

2.When entering a new universe for the first time, the home planet is translucent, but the color will become normal when re-entering the universe.

(10 edits)


Galaxies disappear (about 2/3 of them)

Occurrence: frequent

Possible cause: converting all galaxies in another local group

There used to be more galaxies, including a galaxy with bookmark where the white circle is. The bookmarks do nothing.

(Occasionally they are reset including terraformed planets and megastructures)

And some bookmarked planets go crazy, look at this 4 x 2 planet.

2 - UI & Notes persist

Even after exiting the game, the notes persist and can be dragged around with the mouse.

After attempting to exit a bookmark that doesn't work, the loading progress bar is always displayed.

3 - QOL Bright star galaxies

Add in overlay menu for galaxies the option to show the the brightest star for every galaxy.

4 - QOL Convert local cluster

Add option to convert all galaxies in local cluster, it is too time consuming to convert hundreds, thousands of galaxies manually.

(1 edit)

1: Unfortunately this isn't very helpful because I have no idea how to reproduce it from reading your report. Well I guess I learned that the bug exists, just need to hope that I also stumble upon it

2: Most likely related to the game breaking beforehand, possibly due to bug 1

3: I wonder how I could do that, since galaxies only generate if you enter it for the first time. Maybe only show it for already generated galaxies?

4: I'll think about that, but is it really necessary to convert 100+ galaxies to progress? Cherry-picking the most efficient galaxies to progress should be the strategy, I think.

(1 edit)


  •  Initial galaxy group, bookmark some, convert, do some circles around galaxies
  •  Second local group convert all galaxies without opening them either to mineral extractors, either mineral storage maybe destroy a few
  •  Look inside at first galaxy group

3: Improve game design. No one wants many things to click and performance issues. Games are supposed to be fun. Avoid this generation, it just wastes time and memory. Maybe make new UI to simulate this, and only provide direct access to top 10 or something. Try to streamline it. It's a game, not a database. Be creative!

4: You can't cherry pick since they are not generated. Many times small ones are better.


Okay I think I figured out the game breaking bug you mentioned. The annotation thing should be easy to fix.

As for game design, I just thought it would be cool to have a lot of galaxies and stars to choose from, and I think the bigger galaxies look kind of cool to me, even if they are super laggy and don't offer anything new. There are smaller galaxies which don't suffer from performance issues, so you don't need to generate the bigger ones to progress.
That said, I agree that the game resembles a database, I never thought about it that way! I'll have to put more thought into this. I appreciate your constructive feedback!

(9 edits)

Great you figured the game breaking bug! Waiting for the new release!

Indeed, it's cool to have many galaxies and stars.

So here's an idea. People don't remember or miss them. You can look into "data mocking". You can have some default data and reuse that. Just do the display, don't even generate anything initially. Just start in random data points. Or maybe use a seed. When the player looks, generate that single object, just-in-time.

Only save it if it is bookmarked or has buildings or is in the last 10 places visited by the player, limit history to 10 places. Save only the important things. Or the seed. 

Also unused stuff should be put "on rails" like in Kerbal Space Program.

Hope it helps!

Nice attitude, keep it up! I'll be rooting for you!

In the excavation of meteorite craters, when the digging speed is too fast (consuming one durability can dig more than ten meters or even deeper), it will have a huge impact on the corresponding metal production. The graph below shows the production of a lead meteorite crater with approximately the same height and similar digging depth using an iron pickaxe and a wooden pickaxe. It is obvious that the iron pickaxe, which has a faster digging speed, has less production than the wooden pickaxe. I haven't figured out the reason yet.

In the new version, the spaceship's thrusters have failed! I can't accelerate the spaceship, and it also deducts the corresponding materials from me.

For the pickaxe issue, it's because the game uses a slightly different algorithm to spawn and process tiles if you dig 10+ tiles at once. Generating resources for one tile is computationally expensive (doing it 10 times in a row results in a lag spike) and the mass-generation algorithm tries to simplify it.

For the thrusters, do you remember what you did to make them fail?

I found the problem, it's because I don't have enough fuel. But at the same time, I also found that if the fuel quantity is 0, when I click on the 'speed up ship' button on the driver's interface, the spaceship won't accelerate, but a pop-up window saying 'drive successfully activated' will appear. At the same time, it will subtract the required fuel from the fuel that is already at 0, resulting in a negative fuel quantity. I think we need to adjust the issue of being able to start the driver with insufficient fuel.

When the above happens, no matter how I operate, the archived spaceship can no longer be used.

where could I download Helixteus 2?

Here you go:

1.When traveling to other planets, if you choose a plutonium drive, the interface will not change. The abilities and superweapons will not be available during battles.

2. When the fighter completes its attack on a galaxy or galaxy cluster, if the attacked object is not manually disbanded by finding it and clicking it, it will still be considered not fully conquered. I think it would be best if it automatically becomes a conquered state.

3. I have played in five dimensions already, but I feel like something is missing. I am not fully aware of the game's development progress, but I think there is still a lack of a final goal (such as defeating a boss with a spaceship or something else). Because collecting DR points repeatedly can be demotivating.

4. In Helixteus 2, you can craft bombs and also create some ship enhancement crystals. In my opinion, it would be even better if these could be added.

5. In the later stages, I like to challenge high-difficulty planets and try to find powerful enemies, but at most I have only found level 98 enemie in blue, and I have difficulty finding more difficult opponents.

I'm sorry for asking so many questions and not being able to provide substantial help such as programming for this game. I will continue to play this game and explore possible issues. PS: The Bad Apple is pretty good.

1 and 2: I'll take a look at that. As for superweapons they aren't in the game yet, I'll probably add something to make that clear.

3: I'm still thinking about the most appropriate way to give a final goal to this game. It's pretty difficult, because of the game's infinite/incremental nature!

Problems 4 and 5 will be addressed in an upcoming battle update.

I've been having state corruption issues with this game from time to time. From a greenhouse that can't be destroyed (or does but then comes back), to a planet that's ready to be killed but never does (and that persists if I destroy the planetkiller, save, close the game, reopen the game, load, and build a new one), and now my solar system being fully reset, I'm not sure if I can really keep going. Is there any way that providing my save would be able to help triage this further?

(1 edit)

Yeah greenhouses have a bug where you cant destroy them

Any known bugs about solar systems regenerating or the planetkiller getting stuck in an endless loop of "destroying" a planet?

I'm not following the discord, although I recall in my last save where switching universes horribly corrupted various planets permanently, which makes the end-game... problematic

I haven't checked the greenhouse bug, but planetkillers should be fine now, unless you still experience weird behavior in v0.27.4. Switching universes should also be fine, as long as you don't already break the game with some other bug (greenhouses?)

Well in this latest instance, my home system was reset, without me even changing universes, but we'll see if I run into anything else. Thanks for working on this!

Hello! This game is really fun! However, I encountered some issues while playing on the Windows platform. I explored a total of five supercluster groups in the original universe and turned most of the galaxies into large-scale technology. Normally, I cannot click on a macro engineering planet that has already been transformed, but I accidentally clicked on one that was saved in my favorites, and the entire page went blank, and I couldn't do anything. PS: My English is not very good, and I used translation software.

After the above situation occurred, I uninstalled and re-downloaded the game. When I opened the same saved file again, I still couldn't operate it. When I created a new saved file and played for a while, there might be a problem of layer displacement. I wanted to upgrade the crystal extractor, but the mouse displayed as a power plant.

Hmm that's a very weird issue, most likely caused by the initial bug where you were able to go inside a gigastructure. I'll take a look at that!

I just have a question, how rare are xenon and neon lakes

Hi! I've found an issue regarding creating the first universe in the DR window. It behaves differently depending on whether you start without an universe loaded (i.e. you do it from the "start with x DR" option via the main menu) or it occurs at some points while there is an universe loaded. However, I can't seem to find a perfect reproduction with a loaded universe other than to load any save, exit, and use the "start with x DR" option. I think it very rarely occured to me in older versions. It could be because I exited the game in between dimension resets?

Normally, the game automatically generates an universe if Dimensional Power is below level 5 and that works just fine. However, once Dimensional Power is level 5 or above and the player clicks on the "Generate starting universe" button, the probe UI doesn't function in one or two ways, depending on the situation:

  • Without a loaded universe, the button doesn't do anything.
  • With a loaded universe, it tells me I don't have any triangulum probes available.

It's still an awesome game, and thanks for putting a link to the wiki in the game! I'm excited to give modding this game a go sometime.

Thanks for the bug report! I'll take a look at it.

Fighters stopped being detected in all galaxies after I deconstructed some (All galaxies read zero fighter ships even if fighter ships are present) - is this a known bug?

i got the same bug also

Looks like I still haven't properly fixed this yet..

Ship abilities and superweapons don't work. and there is a bug where the sprite of an enemy killed by fire stays on the screen

also, after sending a probe for 15 mins. I was waiting for 2 hours and it hasn't discovered anything. and afterwards, I couldn't make more probes

Ship abilities/superweapons aren't implemented yet, but thanks for the other bug reports!

(1 edit)

also QOL, make an overlay to show which systems have gas giants

not entirely sure how it happened, but I got to a point where the game started messing up my planets in all my universes, some are basically bigger planets that turned into smaller ones, and this one was a 87x87 agri base that somehow got turned into this.

The only guess I have is that it might be related to me having too many buildings? There were no crashes or me closing the game while it was saving, so it got corrupted by something in-game.
(I do have high time speed, so that also sometimes messes up other things like, again, ships getting forever-stuck in travel if you max out the speed slider to 0 seconds travel time between planets in a system on a high time speed with all the travel speedup researches, again my guess it that the division gets a float error and ends up ever so slightly negative, so even though it shows you 0 seconds left it never actually reaches exactly 0 which you seem to compare to when checking if it arrived yet)

I figured out the ships getting stuck bug, but otherwise you seem to be at a point in the game where I haven't done much testing, it seems like really high numbers kinda mess up the game..


Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

the top level mining laser needs an upgrade or something, it takes like 5 minutes to get through the biggest rocks.


Deleted 1 year ago





I found an error in the infinite study of galaxy-level giants, which increased production by a factor of 1.2 after infinite research

Building new galaxy-level giants would yield 1 times the initial one, and I wouldn't describe that mistake

It is recommended to remove this error and remind other players to build all the galaxy-level giants first,

In infinite research, otherwise infinite research will not be able to increase the yield very much

(4 edits)

Two recurring bugs in the new release:

1. Performance problems. Quite often, clicked galaxies just don't generate, leaving me with an unkillable loading bar on the screen that only game restart fixes (but then the galaxy in question won't be generated, ever). I have a pretty strong config, so hardware is certainly not an issue. The affected galaxies are usually high (1000+) DM ones.

EDIT: once the bug is in, many other galaxies generate but incompletely (e.g. 10 to 20 systems instead of thousands) or even completely empty.

2. Terraforming huge planets (1G+) in insanely high DM galaxies (10k+) still break the game (same thing I mentioned above: costs and XP generation get permanently broken in the universe). Since those planets would be important for further progress (even though their graphics is ugly covering most of the screen and the star itself, not to mention their physical impossibility), it would be great to have some solution on that one.

EDIT2: the inventory looks ugly, too when over 100 slots, but that's a minor cosmetic issue completely dwarfed by the stability and calculation problems. I don't know if those were introduced in the newest release, or it's just me who reached the stage where they are triggered, but I've never encountered a single one of those issues before.

EDIT 3 (I know this is getting a huge wall of text): when terraforming planets in a partially generated galaxy (i.e. a dozen starts instead of 100's or thousands), I noticed two things:

a) auroras blink for a moment, and then disappear. Don't know about their effects, though.

b) all is fine and dandy as long as I stay in the system, but as soon as I go up a level to galaxy view, the galaxy is "generated" again (at least those dozen or so systems), and whatever system I had before, all buildings included, is gone.

Yeah.. I guess I'll have to do something about that. I'm perfectly aware that extremely high DM (or pretty much any other property) would break the game, but I decided to leave most things uncapped for now.

Some glitches/ideas regarding the new features:

1. There are too many broken megastructures, disabling the terraforming of otherwise valuable planets. Even that aside, it would be nice to have the option (either by default or as a tech) to downgrade and dismantle megastructures (or even gigastructures for that matter).

2. When encountering a level 0 broken megastructure, I can't repair it. The tooltip says I lack the technology, which I clearly don't (unless there is a hidden tech somewhere).

3. The ancient structures on the planets could be upgradeable and dismantleable. Also, the home planet's ancient shipyard seems to give XP to my ships regardless of where they are. Very nice as I hated the previous versions' battle XP grinding aspect, but maybe not working as intended.

As a general summary of the above, I believe that by late game, having become the leading star empire in control of entire superclusters, I should be able to do with structures what I damn well please. :)

(2 edits)

1. Yeah I agree, I'll need to tone down their spawn rate, especially space elevators. I'm still thinking about the possibility of dismantling megastructures. I guess it doesn't hurt to add the option and not force the player to explore more after seeing an undesirable megastructure.

2. Normally I addressed this bug in v0.26.1, is it still not working?

3. Yeah definitely. Though I think upgrading ancient structures should at least be gated by dimension stuff. The ancient shipyard as you described definitely isn't working as intended, do you remember how you sent the ships? (standard drive, plutonium drive...)

(1 edit)

1. Sounds great, thanks!

2. Now it works, I wrote the comment before the update.

3. I believe it was plutonium. Now that I have an advanced game and can easily get to Z/Y money and lvl 100+ using just my home planet, I only bother with standard drive when I forget to change it back to Pu after a game restart (couldn’t you make overlays, drive choices, etc. persistent btw?)

+1: a great QoL upgrade could be a buy all function for mineral upgrades and researches. Late game it involves a lot of manual clicking.

+2 another cool feature for late game would be some overlay(s) that help us navigate between clusters. The ones I personally use the most (for obvious reasons) are no. of galaxies, highest field strength, and above all else, highest dark matter.

Yep I also have these ideas in mind, it's a question of when I'll be implementing them! (though I guess I'll slide the "+1" suggestion into the next minor update as it's very useful with very little programming effort)

Oops, looks like I accidentally broke the game. I discovered an insane system with planet sizes in G kilometers, and thought I'd test if they could house enough buildings to compete with the new, buffed gigastructures. I found that I could upgrade them (i.e. the buy window numbers remained green) past my actual money and energy capacity. When I did, the upgrade happened, but I stopped earning XP.  Starting a new universe didn't help, neither did a dimension reset. I don't earn any XP anymore, anywhere. So, now I'm stuck with a broken save I put many hours into. Could you please let me know how I can submit it so that you can take a look and hopefully debug it? Thanks!

(2 edits)

You can export your save (hopefully that's still possible) in the main menu and upload it somewhere (Google drive, Dropbox etc.) and I'll take a look! (and try to fix it)

Never mind, the XP issue miraculously solved itself after a couple of game restarts. However, you might want to look into the bug of purchases enabled past money and energy limit. I don't know if the Gkm+ planet size or the high amounts involved (over 1e45) caused it, might want to check both.

Thanks for the improvements, especially the galaxy killer! :)

As for bugs, here's an interesting (and quite old) one: if you take the Solar system via conquer all or fighters (quite possible in later universes where you can build enough on your home planet to reach lvl 60, gather all 4 ships, and then steamroll through your home system), you never get the solar panel. Nix, nada, not a chance.

Ah yeah, right now the game unlocks solar panels after your first manual battle, but I'll also have to make them unlock via conquer all/fighters too.

(1 edit)

While pushing toward even stranger universes, I discovered another design glitch. So, as soon as dark matter reaches extreme levels (in excess of 100), converting those galaxies into gigastructures becomes unfeasible due to insane stone requirements.

What do I mean?

As I noticed, max. system size is 50 planets. At my level, the largest planets were between 1.5 and 1.7 Mkm, 2 to 4 of those per system. Based on that assumption, I would have to have PK'd some thousand systems (manually, as there is no auto-PK) to be able to convert an 1000-DM galaxy. Sure, it would have been a powerhouse (meaning my main source of minerals/research wouldn't have been imbalanced terraformed planets or megastructures anymore), but who would do so much manual work?

Besides the necessary late-game rebalancing, a stone-/metal-producing gigastructure would be nice - or the possibility to buy stone. I mean, you can already buy any amount of any material at a fixed price (which is quite unrealistic), so why not stone?

I think a way to convert an entire galaxy into stone, materials and metals (a "galaxy-killer") would make the most sense, I'll add that in the next update. I'm not sure about being able to buy stone with money. As it is right now, it makes things a little more interesting in my opinion.

Do you plan to introduce "terastructures", i.e. some sort of mechanism where one can convert an entire cluster and dedicate it to some task the same way gigastructures do with galaxies?

Btw the gigastructure calculation is borked in late game. Once gravity and other parameters are getting high (not very high - about 8 to 10 G is more than enough), converting individual super-/hypergiant stars into Dyson spheres/Matrioshka brains provides more energy/E store/research than converting the entire galaxy into a gigastructure. Even though one can build those an individual megastructures then convert the whole galaxy and retain both bonuses (bug or feature?), the gigastructure should as per formal logic be at least as effective as the sum of all normal and megastructures that otherwise could be built there, right?

(1 edit)

I'm not sure if it will be called "terastructures" (it doesn't sound very good lol), but I will probably introduce these structures too at some point.

Yeah I agree the gigastructures are kind of broken late-game, I'm still working on the formulas as they're relatively new.

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